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Instruction by NAWCA Grandmaster

Philip Holder PhD.

    Dr. Philip Holder is an internationally renowned meditation and Kung Fu Grandmaster. He is also a counselor, motivational speaker, world renowned hypnotherapist, professor and a published author (with books, numerous magazine and newspaper articles to his credit). He has been featured in over 200 instructional video DVDs and audio CDs. 

    Dr. Holder is one of the worlds top martial arts instructors and defensive tactics trainers.  He has a reputation for quality in the martial arts that began over 50 years ago.  He holds the position of Grandmaster of Ying Gi Ga Wing Chun Kung Fu family and is both Grandmaster and chief instructor to the North American Wing Chun Association.  He is the creator of the self defense and special defensive tactics program known as “The Six Zone Safeguard System”.  He has experience as a personal fitness trainer, and has provided instruction to group classes, private students, military personnel, law enforcement personnel, to executive protection personnel (Bodyguards) and other security professionals.  He himself has, in the past, worked as an executive protection operative.  His teaching encompasses the physical psychological and spiritual aspects of personal development.  His personal “hands on experience” gives a true sense of realism to his classes and seminars.

Over the years, thousands have benefited from Dr. Holder's services. He regularly travels teaching seminars and workshops. As well, people travel from around the world to utilize his services and to study from him. He also conducts workshops within various school systems and for private educational facilities.